Need-To-Know Toothbrush Info

When was the last time you tossed your current toothbrush for a new one? If you can’t remember, then you definitely must read on. Your toothbrush is the top tool in your arsenal of dental-care products. A wide variety of toothbrushes are sold at just about any chain or independent drug store, so finding a new one is a cinch. If you’re still not into changing out your toothbrushes on a regular basis, consider these facts.

Bacteria cling to toothbrushes’ bristles and dried-up toothpaste. The longer you use a toothbrush, the more bacteria it contains. And considering the fact that you brush your teeth at least two times a day, lots of icky stuff builds up quickly. This is especially true if your toothbrush is clustered near the toothbrushes of everyone in your household and/or if it’s near the toilet. Yikes! It’s time to start fresh with a new one.

Not to get too personal here, but what do the bristles look like? If they’re frayed or flat in some or many places, then they’re barely useful in removing particles of food, plaque and bacteria, the main causes of decay and gum disease. A new brush’s bristles stand up straight so they can reach all of those nooks and crannies.

You can upgrade your smartphone and computer, and the same holds for your toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes in good shape clean your teeth and gums well, but power-operated toothbrushes are also efficient and effective. They deliver many more strokes per minute, and they’re great for folks who have problems with dexterity.

As you know, bristles come in soft, medium or hard. Many people don’t realize that hard bristles can damage gums and enamel, and they don’t do well in reaching the abovementioned nooks and crannies. It’s best to stick with medium or soft bristles. Ask your dentist which is best for your oral-care needs.

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