Dr. Brad Hylan

Committed to helping you be out of pain, happy, and healthy.
Combining His Love of Art and Science

Discover Dr. Brad Hylan’s dental mission.

Dr. Brad Hylan has enjoyed providing comprehensive dentistry in the Greater Cleveland for decades.

Brad Hylan, DMD, is a visionary dentist and owner of Hylan Dental Care. With a profound commitment to dental excellence, he combines artistry and science to deliver personalized, patient-centric care.

Embark on your dental journey with Dr. Hylan, tailored for your comfort and confidence. With our Cleveland dentist, you’ll receive:

  • Family-centric care

    Experience dentistry as a shared family passion, where your well-being is at the heart of our practice

  • Expertise you can trust

    Benefit from Dr. Hylan’s extensive training and skillset, recognized by dental associations and given awards for innovative contributions

  • Passion to help you

    For Dr. Hylan, the greatest honor is to help his patients, giving you a treatment experience with respect and consideration

  • More than 40 years of professional commitment to dentistry
  • Dental educator teaching clinical dentistry to aspiring professionals
  • Spoken at the Ohio Senate about access to dental care
  • Was on the Executive Board of the Cleveland Dental Society
  • Recognized for pioneering dental equipment, honored by Case Western Reserve School of Dental MedicineOpen link in the new window

  • Featured on the cover of Dental Economics for office design and efficiency

What Do Our Patients Think of Dr. Brad Hylan?

“I have been going to Hylan Dental for over 20 years. Prior I would not go until I met Susan and her husband Dr. Hylan. Susan and her team are the best, and now their daughter.”

Mike Torok

“Dr Hylan does a great job of making sure I'm calm and comfortable and I always feel safe. Even after having moved away from Cleveland, I still try and schedule my dental appointments when I'm home visiting family for the holidays so that I can go back to Hylan Dental.”

Marthe Leach

“I rarely write reviews, but this outstanding dentist Dr Bradley Hylan, and his well-trained dental and office team have to be commended. I woke up Christmas Eve with terrible tooth pain. I called Dr. Hylan’s office manager Susan who said to come in right away. I got to the office, everyone was friendly, concerned and sympathetic even though I was an emergency on Christmas Eve probably delaying them getting to go home on time.”

Robert Livingston Saks

A Life Dedicated to Cleveland Dentistry

“We're here to help you. If I am seeing you as a patient, it's super important to me that you are comfortable throughout treatment. You can call me 24/7 if you have questions or concerns.”
- Dr. Brad Hylan

Dr. Brad Hylan warmly welcomes you with a friendly smile

Dr. Bradley Hylan brings two generations of family dedication to dentistry, with his wife and daughter actively contributing to the practice’s management. Dentistry isn’t merely a profession but a shared passion that defines their family identity. Here is more about Dr. Hylan:

  • Ohio Born and Raised
    Growing up in Beachwood, Ohio, Dr. Hylan brings a local touch to his practice, fostering an environment where laughter, play, and diverse activities intertwine with his love for dentistry.
  • Outside the Office
    Dr. Hylan’s life is a tapestry of activities, including walking, golf, tennis, water skiing, and snow skiing. He truly embraces each day as the best.
  • His Inspiration
    A major inspiration for dentistry for him was the book given to him in the 7th grade, “Psycho Cybernetics”, allowing him to believe in his own abilities. He also believes in the idea that everyone’s internal sense of self should match their external appearance.
  • Excellence in All Areas
    Dr. Hylan’s commitment to excellence extends beyond patient care, reflecting a philosophy that fuses his genuine passion for life with a dedication to fostering overall well-being. Whether by creating the dental tools that are used in the office, or continuous learning, he always strives for the best.