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Custom-made, Same-Day Dental Restorations Offer Greater Convenience

At the office of Fairview Park, we keep pace with the latest advances in dental technology to deliver care that is best suited to the demands of your lifestyle. One of the many state-of-the-art treatments we offer is same-day crowns using CEREC® technology. As a provider of CEREC crowns, we can design and fabricate your permanent dental restoration in just one visit.

A dental crown can repair and strengthen a structurally compromised tooth when a dental filling is not enough. We may recommend a dental crown if your tooth is extensively decayed, chipped or fractured or has undergone root canal therapy. Crowns can also be used to cosmetically improve teeth that are severely discolored or to correct developmental abnormalities.
We will take digital impressions and 3-D images of your mouth to fabricate crowns that fit comfortably and look natural. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing, we will then produce your permanent crowns on site, rather than having to wait for lab results. With CEREC technology, you won’t have to wear a temporary crown or come back for a return visit. Your customized, same-day crowns are fabricated using the highest quality materials that capture and reflect light in a way that recreates the natural translucency of tooth enamel. The crown is then permanently bonded to your tooth, for optimal functional and aesthetic results. With routine dental checkups and a good oral hygiene routine, your crown should last for years to come.

Your partner in dental health
At the office of Fairview Park, we provide dental care that is designed to address your individual needs. Using CEREC technology, we make it possible to receive the high-quality dental crowns that you deserve — without the wait. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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