Here’s the Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

If you have been brushing your teeth in the same manner your whole life, it could be time for a change. You might not need anything major—just some alterations in your technique.

The office of Fairview Park emphasizes the importance of preventive dental care for our patients of all ages. We are dedicated to helping everyone who comes in enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. Our comprehensive program of preventive care is designed to protect your teeth and reduce the risk of dental disease.

Though you are a devoted brusher, you may not be performing this important task as efficiently as possible. Read on for easy ways to ensure effective cleaning sessions.

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles, brush at a 45-degree angle starting at your gum line, and target each tooth’s nooks and crannies. Wind it all up by gently scrubbing your tongue. You must also use the head size that best suits the sizes and shapes of your mouth and arches.

Brush for at least two minutes each time. Rushing through a cleansing won’t reap optimal results.

Use top tools. Be mindful when picking out which brush is best for you—i.e., which will best suit your needs and preferences. There are many options: manual, powered (electric or battery), head size, and handle shape and length. Ask your dentist which features he (or she) believes will prove most advantageous.

Keep your toothbrush sanitary by rinsing it off and letting it air dry. Leaving it in a container breeds and spreads icky bacteria. Get a new brush every three to four months and right after you’ve been sick.

Toothpaste comes in paste or gel. Whichever type and brand you use, make sure it includes fluoride and has the seal from the American Dental Association. (We can thank fluoride for the dramatic decrease in tooth decay in the past 50 years!)

Fairview Park prides itself on building strong dentist-patient relationships and on our high standards of service. For more information about our office and all of our other dental services, please don’t hesitate to call today for an appointment.

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