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How Much of Your Dental Knowledge Is Fact Or Fiction?

Keeping your teeth and the rest of your mouth in excellent health takes diligence, devotion, know-how and the correct tools. Though you may believe that you have all of the aforementioned qualities and equipment, you may not be on the right track with all of them. A board-certified dentist can tell you if you’re practicing good dental hygiene.

The office of Fairview Park emphasizes the importance of preventive care. We’re dedicated to helping every patient enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. All of us here provide a comprehensive program of treatment designed to protect your teeth and reduce the risk of dental disease. Take a look at these myths to find out if you have some misconceptions about proper oral health.

“Sugar-free sodas are better for my teeth.”

Au contraire! Soda with sugar substitutes isn’t good either. As with the naturally sweet versions, diet sodas contain acids and carbs. Combined with saliva and bacteria, those nasty substances can bring on accumulations of plaque, which are gateways to tooth decay and gum diseases.

“My dental health isn’t connected to my overall health.”

Inadequate oral hygiene ups your chances for illness in the rest of your body. Gum disease that’s intermediate to well along escalates the danger of heart damage and inflammation, and it’s even more widespread among folks with diabetes. Blood can carry bacteria and germs from your mouth to the rest of your body.

“I don’t need to go to a dentist until I have an emergency.”

Like so many other aspects of staying healthy, prevention is crucial. To head off concerns before they turn into emergencies, get a check-up and cleanings at least twice a year.

“I don’t know anyone who has gum disease.”

Actually, you probably do. Fifty percent of people ages 30 and older have it, and the percentage rises to 64 for people ages 65 and up.

When you’re searching for a dental practice that’s dedicated to providing the topmost standard of personalized care, look no further than the office of Fairview Park. We offer an extensive menu of high-quality dental services for people of all ages. Our skilled team has your needs in mind. For more information about the many services we provide, please contact us today.

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