Ignoring Your Toothbrush Has Consequences

Are you a parent who must frequently remind your kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day? Or perhaps you aren’t as fastidious as you should be. Whichever the case, eschew brushing your teeth and at least one daily flossing leads to unpleasant results.

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Skipping a morning or evening brushing session isn’t the end of the world, but serial skippers increase their chances of losing the bone and tissue that holds their teeth in place. If that’s not enough of a deterrent, there’s more.

More than 300 distinct types of bacteria roam around your mouth at any one time. They waste no time gobbling up food particles and sugar debris that are left on and in between your teeth. Missing just one twice-daily cleaning will leave a bad taste in your mouth and give you bad breath. The bad taste in your mouth may not bother you, but anyone with whom you have close, in-person contact definitely won’t appreciate it.

The first things most people notice about others are their eyes and smiles. Bad breath isn’t visible, but food between your teeth sure is! Do you want to be known as the person with foul breath and “dirty” teeth?

Some people’s teeth are more susceptible to cavities than others’ teeth. If you’re one of them, neglecting regular brushing can lead to dental plaque, the bacteria that causes cavities. Cavities aren’t inescapable, but you can dodge your chances by maintaining a good oral health routine.

A proper brushing session takes just two minutes. Add one measly minute to those two if you’re also flossing. That adds up to just three minutes and is worth the time and effort. The advantages of sticking to an excellent oral health routine far outweigh the alternatives.

Want to really up your brushing game? Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work for a brushing after lunch in the bathroom at your workplace! This practice is gaining momentum, and you might inspire others to do the same. That would be a win/win!

Look to the experts at the office of Fairview Park to keep your smile beautiful and overall oral health sparkling clean. All of our equipment is first-rate and ready to effortlessly treat any dental issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office today!

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