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Show Your Child That Brushing Can Be FUN-tastic

If you ask youngsters how they like to entertain themselves, chances are that no one will say, “By brushing my teeth.” Sure, many kids consider oral healthcare to be a chore. But if their parents use creative ways to get their kids more engaged, their offspring may become enthusiastic about brushing.

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Here are some ways you can help your child make dental hygiene more engaging.

1. Ready, set, go! Good oral healthcare starts with brushing teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. To some kids, two minutes seem like an eternity, and focusing on something for 120 seconds can be a true challenge for those who are super active. Use an entertaining timer or a cute hourglass to help them stay the course.

2. Take your pick: Have your child choose his (or her) toothbrush. There’s a wide assortment of kiddie toothbrushes—from familiar cartoon characters to those shaped like animals. Opt for age-appropriate tools, such as toothbrushes sized for toddlers, flossers without sharp edges and powered toothbrushes with soft bristles.

3. Be a role model: Two positive facts play into this suggestion: Children are influenced by their moms and dads more than anyone else, and young children like to imitate their parents. So brush and floss your teeth along with your kids as often as possible, all the while demonstrating the correct ways to clean thoroughly.

4. Incorporate brushing into playtime: Find a spare toothbrush and encourage your child to brush the teeth of one of her favorite stuffed animals or dolls. You can even role-play and let your child brush your teeth. The more they watch your behavior modeled in everyday life, the more they’ll want to imitate it.

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