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When is a Mouth Sore Serious? Ask Your Dentist

The comprehensive dental examination we provide for our patients at the offices of Fairview Park goes far beyond simply checking their teeth and gums. Our dentists and hygienists are also on the lookout for other signs of oral health. Sores and irritations that develop in and around the mouth sometimes heal on their own, but can also be an indication of an underlying problem that needs additional medical attention.

Our attentive staff is trained to recognize a wide diversity of oral irritations that differ in cause and severity. Some types may be brought on by infections due to viruses, fungus or bacteria. Others may be the result of a poorly fitting denture, a wire that has become loose from a set of braces, or from the edge of a broken tooth or filling. We know the important distinction between commonly found mouth sores like noncontagious canker sores, and contagious cold sores brought on by the herpes simplex virus. And we recognize when an oral irritation may be a symptom of another disease or disorder, such as leukoplakia, which is common among tobacco users and can be a sign of cancer.

In some cases of common mouth sores and irritations, our dentists may recommend treatments to help lessen the pain, or possibly prescribe medication to promote healing. Any oral wound that lasts a week or longer should be examined by your dentist.

At the offices of Fairview Park, our friendly, dedicated staff takes a holistic approach to our patients’ oral health. We believe that the mouth is a key indicator of our overall well-being, and make sure that our regular checkups include a careful screening of all potential trouble spots. If you have a concern about a lingering mouth sore or irritation, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today for an appointment.

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