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Brushing Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the year comes to a close, it’s customarily a time to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Often the list includes resolving to get into better shape by joining a gym and sticking to a healthy diet. Our friendly family dentist at Dr. Brad Hylan’s office suggests putting achieving optimal oral health at the top of the list! After all, there are few aspects of our health more important than our teeth, mouth and gums when it comes to eating, speaking, digesting our food and protecting our bodies from infection.

Our dentist wants all of our patients (and our prospective patients) to enjoy a healthy and happy year, so here are a few recommendations for ensuring your oral hygiene routine is robust:

Be consistent. It’s crucial to establish and stick to a routine that includes brushing twice daily for two minutes at a time with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, holding the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line and carefully brushing each chewing surface.

Thoroughly clean between the teeth using floss or an interdental brush.

Eat wisely: Supercharge your diet with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables; reduce between-meal snacks; and speak with our dentist to ensure you’re getting tooth-building vitamins and nutrients.

Drink up: Steer clear of sugary beverages in favor of water, especially as an after-meal rinse. Drinking water containing cavity fighting fluoride is even better.

Smoke signals: As if there weren’t already a raft of reasons to give up tobacco, consider the fact that smoking not only leaves a nasty stain on the teeth, but also opens the door to many other oral health problems.

Twice is nice: Resolve to visit our clean, comfortable, friendly office at least twice a year, or every six months, for a thorough examination and professional cleaning. We’ll spot any potential issues before they become serious, and you’ll walk out with a bright smile!

Get your resolutions off to a solid start by contacting Dr. Brad Hylan for an appointment!

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