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What is cosmetic dentistry?

You may have heard the term cosmetic dentistry & wondered what it is.

Is it porcelain veneers?

Is it teeth whitening?

Is it capping your teeth?

Cosmetic Dentistry is anything that is done to make your teeth or smile appear better or more attractive.

The 7 keys to great cosmetic dentistry

  1. A careful smile analysis
    + What do you like about your smile?
    + It gets you thinking about what you want.
    + We’ve included our smile analysis below.
  2. Records – You dental records may include some of the following:
    + Photos are important because they give you a different perspective on your mouth and teeth.
    + Oftentimes we notice things in photos that we may not have initially noticed when looking directly at your teeth.
    With photos we can study the:
    We can do a cosmetic simulation of what your new smile can look like.
  3. Golden Ratio – Size, Shape & Proportion
    When designing your new smile we consider the Golden Ratio.
    The Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula that helps to define the ideal size, shape and proportion of your teeth.
    Aesthetically pleasing smiles often follow the Golden Ratio.
    NOTE: Due to individual anatomical differences, the Golden Ratio is not always achievable or desired. But it is usually a good starting place when considering shapes, sizes and proportions of teeth.
  4. Study Models
    -Study Models are a copy of your teeth so that your dentist can study your teeth and bite when you are not in the office.
    -To make a copy of your teeth we make an impression. An impression is a mold of your teeth.
    -After we make an impression of your teeth, we pour plaster in your mold.
    -After the plaster hardens we are left with an exact copy of your teeth and bite.
  5. X-rays
    X Rays are important to check for decayed teeth and weak bone support.
  6. Diagnostic Wax Up
    – Sometimes we do a diagnostic wax up of your teeth.
    – A diagnostic wax up is a wax copy of your new teeth.
    – We make the proposed changes for your teeth in wax. This is where we consider the size, shape and proportions of your new teeth.
    – You and your dentist evaluate your new teeth in wax.
    – It gives you more of an idea how your new smile is going to look.
  7. Lab processed temporary
    – If you like the way your diagnostic wax up looks, then we use it to make lab processed temporaries.
    – Lap processed temporaries are special, durable temporaries that very closely approximate what your finished teeth will look like.
    – Because they are made in the lab, we can usually get a superior result to temporaries made “chair side”.
    – We want to make sure that your temporary teeth look great.
    Great temporaries can give you a really great idea how your new smile will look.
    – We want you to love your new smile.
    – If you want to make any changes, it is easy to do it in the temporary material.
    – If your teeth are worn down and we are restoring your bite, we use lab processed temporaries to make sure you are comfortable with your new bite.
    – Once we know that you love the way your temporaries look…
    – Once we know that you are comfortable with your bite …
    – We make a mold of your temporaries and use it as a guide to make your finished new teeth.
    – This process has yielded outstanding results over the years.
    – If I needed or wanted to have any kind of cosmetic dentistry, I would absolutely insist on having my mouth restored using the above process.

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We’ll take good care of you.


Dr. Bradley Hylan D.M.D.

P.S. We know how scary going to the dentist can be. We’re passionate about treating you gently. I guess that’s why people say, “We Cater to Cowards” (Sedation Dentistry)

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry and see more smiles, please click here.

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